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  1. Freight Terms – FOB Origin.
  2. Shipment – All items are manufactured to order. Normal shipment is in 3-4 weeks. At times, our plant backlog increases and shipment times could increase up to 8 weeks from time of order. Of course, we will make every attempt to ship early. If you have a special opening date, please let us know by telephone 800-527-8772. We will confirm if this is possible. IMPORTANT: This equipment is large and is shipped crated. The truck will come equipped with a LIFT GATE. This is no charge. The driver will unload to the ground. However, if it is a dock delivery, the driver does not have the ability to get the equipment off the truck by himself. The driver will need assistance. Uncrating, inside delivery and installation ARE NOT included and are the responsibilities of the buyer. If you would like this “White Glove” service, please contact us for costs after ordering the equipment or before.
  3. Payment Terms – Payment is required at time of order.
  4. Taxes – The Buyer is liable for all taxes as a result of an order unless Galley Inc. has charged and collected such tax. Tax is collected by Galley in the State of Florida. Galley does not collect taxes for other States. Buyer shall pay such taxes at any time as requested by Galley.
  5. Returns and Cancellations – Parts, Non-standard modules and modules with cut-outs are not returnable. Orders may be cancelled prior to the start of manufacturing at no penalty. Orders cancelled after manufacturing has started and prior to shipment are subject to a charge of 50% on standard modules and 100% on non-standard modules. If properly authorized within 30 days of shipment, in writing by Galley, new standard modules may be returned to Galley and will be credited at invoice prices less a minimum restocking charge of 50% plus freight costs. The item must be returned, freight prepaid by the Buyer, and be unused and new condition. Equipment found to be used or damaged will not be subject to any credit.
  6. Specifications – Products are built to rigorous standards and are continually improving. Specifications therefore are subject to change without notice.

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