Aloma Elementary School in central Florida has a great idea for keeping unwanted cafeteria food from going to waste. If a student doesn’t like oranges, for instance, but the cafeteria is required under law to provide fruit to everyone coming through the line, the child can simply go to the Share Table and put their unwanted serving on it for others to pickup. What a great idea!

That same student may like yogurt the best and pick that up from the Share Table. This also solves the problem of second graders receiving the same meal portions as a much larger 5th grader does. The second grader may not need all of those calories so the unused sides such as cheese sticks and apples can be placed on this cafeteria Share Table for hungry classmates to retrieve.

The food can also be distributed to needy children at the school to take home with them or given to a church to help feed homeless individuals. To implement this at your school make sure the Share Table only allows packaged goods and whole fruit.

Read more about the cafeteria Share Table idea in the Orlando Sentinel.

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