Single Access

Allows customer access from one side. Equipment can be arranged in any order & meets or exceeds food safety standards of NSF and UL electrical safety standards.

Double Access

Two Sided Self-Serve Buffet Lines speed up lunch and dinner food service. The customers and employees have access to well displayed foods from both sides.

Full Service

Full Service by staff are today's gold standard for safety. Staff plate hot & cold selections for customers while food & staff stay safe behind breath guards.

No Sneeze Guard

Three, four and five well food serving equipment fits the perfect amount of food. Vertical sneeze guards, heat lamps or shelving can be added to any module.

Free Factory Assembly

The factory is located in the USA where your order is fully assembled and tested in quality control. All orders ship "fully assembled". All electric is wired to a single cord and plug. There is virtually nothing more to do than take off the protected packing, roll into place, and plug in. Most of the time, you don’t even need a screw driver.
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